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Membership Renewal & Application

Criteria for applying for and maintaining annual LOPECO Community Foundation Membership:

The yearly membership term is from March 1 to February 28.

Membership is open to any individual applying, who meets the following conditions and submits the appropriate fees:

  • Minimum 18 Years of Age.

  • South African Citizenship*

  • Annual minimum donation per organisation of R2500 and R350 per individual between March 1 to February 28 of each year, including Annual Membership Administration Fee of R100 - not tax-deductible - Fees are not pro-rated.

  • Membership consists of individuals who support the Foundation's Vision, Mission and Values.

  • Membership is not open to anyone whose membership would create a conflict of interest, including but not limited to employment by the LOPECO Community Foundation. If necessary, the Board will rule whether such a situation exists.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Attendance and participation in the voting process at the LOPECO Community Foundation Annual General Meeting and special meetings of the Foundation. (The R2500 membership fee and this application form must be received no later than January 31 each year to participate in the voting process at the Annual General Meeting).

  • Access to discounted event fees.

  • Free advertising space on our platforms.

  • Receipt of the Foundation Annual Report, Audited Financial Statements, press releases, fund development information and other circulars as designated by the LOPECO Board of Directors.

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