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Dear Peacebuilders

LOPECO welcomes you!


Lady Jacqueiline van Wyk | President - Welcome Message 2023

Dear Peacebuilders

For over five years the Lady of Peace Community Foundation (LOPECO) has as been earning the respect and loyalty of many peacebuilders, alumni and friends. We have gained new friends and lost some, yet the peacebuilding work continues. From a low interest shown to slowly becoming a household name, LOPECO has touched many lives and has equally gained a lot from its networks. Welcome to our LOPECO. Welcome to our Family.

The PEACEKONA has brought amazing people to the peacebuilding initiatives, including the dialogues, awards, and others; in collaboration with many like-minded organisation - for that we are grateful and thankful.

When I think of a word to describe LOPECO, it is connection. LOPECO is rich in connecting, with a deep sense of community. We have collaboratively raised over R1.5m worth of goods & services for humanitarian aid for various disasters in2022. I invite you to explore peace with us and discover for yourselves. If you are ready for a transformation, our vibrant, supportive community is here to help you realize your full potential and propel you into a rich, successful life.


Jacqueline van Wyk


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