Lady of Peace Community Foundation (LOPECO) Announces Board of Directors and Advisor

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA - LOPECO, the peacebuilding movement founded in 2017, is pleased to announce that five new members are joining its board of directors and two members join the advisory board. Coming from government, business and civil society, the new board members bring years of experience and leadership to help address the peacebuilding challenges and speed up the transition to a peaceful and secure nation.

LOPECO, is a truly Local Organisation which continuously attract interest of the International Organisations and Communities. LOPECO takes pride in collaboration and strategic partnership as a chartered member of Rotary Community Corps Tshwane South Quadrant; and it is part of the Global Network of Women Peacebuilder.

Currently is a contributor to the implementation of Pillar 2 of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) on Sexual Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (SGBVF). LOPECO majorly focuses on the peacebuilding prevention programmes, that assist in the implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) on Women, Peace and Security.

The board is constituted as follows:

1. Lady Jacqueline van Wyk - President

2. Lady Attorney Nomahlubi Khwinana - Deputy President

3. Peacer Bishop Moses Magerman - Secretary

4. Lady Lilla Kobbie - Deputy Secretary

5. Lady Modiehi Tsele - Treasurer

6. Lady Dr Tumelo Leeuw - Health and Reproductive Health Sub - Committee

7. Peacer Dr George Senosha – Humanitarian Affairs Sub - Committee


1. Her Royal Majesty (HRM) Queen Dineo Meko II – Traditional Affairs

2. Lady Fathima Dildar - Information & Communication Technology (ICT) – 4IR Affairs

3. Lady Celeste Diale – Young Peacebuilders Affairs

“These five leaders will provide world-class leadership and guidance to our local, regional and global network,” said Dieketseng Diale, CEO, LOPECO. “With a range of global expertise and relationships from geopolitics to economics to peacebuilding, LOPECO’s new board members will further enable us to understand social and environmental problems and how we can change systems at speed and scale through collective action.”

Mr Denis Joseph, a member of the South African Parliament, who presided over the inauguration, congratulated the new board members, he encouraged them and said. “the new task ahead is to increase the network of peacebuilders and contribute towards creating new opportunities for children, women and the society.”

Lady Toni Luck (Mama T), with her words of wisdom to the board members said, “it is not a small thing to be an ambassador of Peace in a world that is full of war. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God!”/ The end

CONTACT: Founder and CEO of LOPECO - Dieketseng Diale, on +2765 929 8719 or and

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