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Welcome Peacebuilders

Dear Peacebuilders


As peacebuilders, the happiness and fulfillment of our children, women, and families are close to our hearts. In our own way, we strive to create families where our children and society can flourish. We hope for a secure, safe, supportive and peaceful society, which will provide for our needs and aspirations. As peacebuilders, teachers and other adults, we all have a responsibility to create ideal communities, which are the building blocks for such a society.

Beyond material well-being and achievement, the world's faith traditions point to the more valuable kind of life that comes when we transcend ourselves and put the needs of others ahead of our own. It points to happiness. Faith-based organisations,and other civil society organisations can play an active role in helping us become better parents, teachers, citizens and, most importantly, better people.

Collaboration between children, parents, families, community, universities and other guiding institutions, including governments, are vital in realising this peacebuilding vision.


Mampitseng Botsi-Thulare


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