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Women's Election Mechanism for Peace - Limpopo

During the 7th Administration of South Africa's National elections; in the vibrant province of Limpopo, the Women's Election Mechanism for Peace (WEMP) has emerged as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. As the Special Envoy, I am proud to share the strides we have made in promoting women's participation in electoral processes, especially in post-conflict and fragile contexts. This initiative underscores the critical role women play in peacebuilding and democratization, aiming to create more inclusive and sustainable outcomes.

The Vision and Mission of WEMP

WEMP is rooted in the belief that active women's involvement in decision-making processes, particularly elections, fosters more representative and responsive governance. Our strategies encompass voter education, candidate training, voter registration, campaigning, and election monitoring. Additionally, we advocate for legal and institutional reforms to dismantle barriers to women's participation and protect their rights.

Our mission is clear: by amplifying women's voices and perspectives, we aim to build governance structures that address the needs and concerns of all societal members. The goal is to achieve lasting peace and development through inclusive decision-making.

Achievements and Interactions

In a short period, WEMP has significantly impacted Limpopo Province. Our interactions with senior government officials, traditional leaders, politicians, community members, and taxi associations have reinforced our mission. Peace Monitors have expressed that they are filling a long-standing gap, emphasizing the importance of their role in the community.

The National Action Plan, adopted by the cabinet in August 2020 and launched in March 2021, laid the foundation for WEMP. Concurrently, South Africa's alignment with the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Act highlights our commitment to addressing gender-based violence, a significant issue affecting many in our country.

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