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Our intention to build peace is fundamentally premised on programs and interventions that are designed to end violence against women and children. These focus areas sharpen and grow the need to accelerate the generation equality dream we would like to achieve by 2030.

Global, Local Policy


Gender-Based Peace and Security Promotion through bridging the gap between globally influenced national policies and local action within communities

Learner – Leader - Peacer

#Peace-Leader-Learner: We help young women and girls living in places in crisis reach their full potential through education, leadership and peacebuilding training, and economic opportunities. to further conscientize young leaders about the education challenges and the role they can play through leadership within the schools.

Human  Rights Advocacy

Lifting the voices of local women leaders by bringing them to national and global forums, so they can speak directly to policymakers, advocate for the rights of women and girls, and inform and influence better and safer policies

Sport for Peace

Sport provides opportunities to develop people-to-people connections that promote partnerships of value at the individual, institutional and country levels.

Peace Committees

We create ongoing relatable structures that people in the community, government and others can .CONNECT with when disputes arise.  

PEACEKONA Family Online Chatroom

Generation Equality Peacebuilding Network platform; an environment that focuses on teaching, informing, encouraging even knowledge giving on ending violence against women and girls; on a weekly basis; in local communities and beyond.

Humanitarian Relief

COVID-19 Relief and beyond. Economic relief for destitute and vulnerable women, girls and families




Protecting the Most Vulnerable