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Community Peacebuilding Dialogue

In collaboration with the National Credit Regulator,  HURISA, DWYPD &  Sonke Gender Justice

The dialogue will bring together women, men, and LGBTQIA+ persons from the affected areas – to

  1. Have a PEACEKONA (space for dialogue) in which women, men & LGBTQIA+ persons discuss matters pertinent to existing tensions in the community;

  2. Identify the ways in which the rights of community members are violated including migration rights, and trauma manifesting in communities

  3. Identify conflict transformation processes that are required

  4. Develop a plan of action for conflict/violence prevention, social cohesion, and nation-building


The outcome of the dialogue will be:

  1. An informed community about the NCR, NSP on GBVF & NAP on WPS

  2. An improved understanding of the causes and manifestation of conflict/violence in the community directly affecting children, women, men, and LGBTQIA+ persons

  3. Women, men, and LGBTQIA+ persons are equipped with tools for peacebuilding

  4. Deepening social cohesion.

  5. A program of action for peacebuilding

  6. Contribution to the ending of violence and building of a peace infrastructure in South Africa and community level.

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