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Teach PeaceWorkshoptembisa

Workshop Overview

The Annual Teach Peace Workshop stands as a cornerstone of our ongoing commitment to nurturing peace and harmony within communities. The 2023 workshop marked a pivotal moment in our mission, with remarkable achievements aligning with our objectives, including the establishment of PEACEKONA™ Community Clubs, empowerment in peacebuilding, and the playtesting of the PeaceCard™ game.

Teach Peace Workshop Manual

Workshop Review

Workshop Outcomes:

  1. Distinguished Guests and Community Leaders:

    The 2023 Annual Teach Peace Workshop was honoured by the presence of the MEC of Health and Wellness, underscoring the importance of peace in community health and wellness. Community leaders from Tembisa, the very heart of our mission, also played a vital role in the event. Their involvement and support added immeasurable value to the workshop's objectives.

  2. Establishment of PEACEKONA™ Community Clubs:

    A central goal of the workshop was to empower community leaders, including youth leaders, to establish PEACEKONA™ Community Clubs. These clubs serve as a platform for community members to engage in peacebuilding activities, host discussions, and promote tolerance and understanding. Participants were provided with guidance on how to establish and manage these clubs effectively.

  3. Podcasting for Peace with a Diverse Audience:

    Podcasting emerged as a powerful tool for disseminating messages of peace and unity to a broader audience. The workshop featured a diverse audience, a mix of aspiring youth podcasters, eager to create their podcasts. This diversity ensured that a wide spectrum of voices and perspectives was brought to the discussions and initiatives on GBVF, racism, xenophobia, and the National Strategic Plan on GBVF, National Action Plan on Combating Racism, and Xenophobia, and National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security.

  4. Empowerment Against GBVF, Racism, and Xenophobia:

    The workshop effectively empowered participants with the knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy to take concrete actions against gender-based violence, racism, and xenophobia. Interactive sessions, discussions, and real-life case studies were used to raise awareness about these issues, encouraging participants to become advocates for change in their communities.

  5. PeaceCard™ Game Playtest:

    A major highlight of the workshop was the playtesting of the PeaceCard™ game, designed to foster discussions on peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and social inclusion. The game was well-received, with participants finding it engaging and enlightening. The game's effectiveness in promoting dialogue and understanding was evident in the lively discussions and reflections it generated.

In Collaboration with Civil Organizations:

The success of the Annual Teach Peace Workshop was achieved through collaborative efforts. We were proud to partner with civil organizations from the community. Their commitment and expertise greatly enriched the workshop's content and impact.

Impact and Future Directions:

The outcomes of the Annual Teach Peace Workshop are instrumental in our pursuit of peaceful, inclusive communities. With the MEC of Health and Wellness in attendance, alongside Tembisa's community leaders and a diverse audience, participants left the workshop equipped with the tools, knowledge, and motivation to combat GBVF, racism, xenophobia, and promote peace. The next steps involve providing continued support to community leaders and youth leaders as they establish and maintain PEACEKONA™ Community Clubs, create podcasts, and actively work against violence and discrimination. Ongoing evaluation will be crucial to monitor the long-term impact of these initiatives and ensure the sustainability of peacebuilding efforts.

In conclusion, the 2023 Annual Teach Peace Workshop signifies a significant stride towards creating more peaceful, united, and harmonious communities. The establishment of PEACEKONA™ Community Clubs, the engagement of diverse voices in podcasting, empowerment against GBVF, racism, and xenophobia, and the successful playtesting of the PeaceCard™ game are commendable achievements. Together, we are making an impactful journey towards a more peaceful world.

Our sincere appreciation goes to all participants, partners, sponsors, and civil organizations for their valuable contributions to the success of this workshop.