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Coming Soon | Pillars of Peace 3 Part Documentary: The Lady of Peace Community Foundation Journey

Updated: Jan 3

Episode 1: Connect - Weaving a Tapestry of Unity: The inaugural episode of our documentary showcases LOPECO's commitment to connection. From the breath-taking landscapes of South Africa to the bustling communities, we witness the organization's tireless efforts in bringing people together. With over 20 women's rights organizations in South Africa and beyond, LOPECO has created a network that transcends borders, uniting women and youth-led organizations in the pursuit of peace.

Episode 2: Empower - Nurturing Change from Within: The second episode explores LOPECO's Empower pillar, where they equip individuals and communities with the tools they need for meaningful change. The creation of online peace club networks during the COVID-19 lockdown period allowed young leaders to take charge, fostering weekly discussions on justice, parenting, domestic peace, mental health, and more. Families logged in every Thursday at 6 pm, collaborating towards the common goal of peace.

Episode 3: Advocate - Amplifying Voices for Change: In our final episode, we witness LOPECO's Advocacy pillar in action. They challenge systems and norms, advocating for policies that combat racism, xenophobia, and gender-based violence. Through grassroots movements, community dialogues, and podcasts, LOPECO empowers individuals to be agents of change, creating a future free from violence and discrimination.

Impact Data Sheet: Beyond the episodes, we've compiled impact data that reflects LOPECO's reach. Over 200 workshops have been conducted, impacting close to 100 communities. The organization has established more than 15 peace clubs, distributing over 3000 summarized action plans to promote peace, gender equality, and community well-being. The Teach Peace Program and the UN Orange your World Anti-Bullying Campaign have reached over 40 schools, positively impacting approximately 5000 students.

Facing Challenges - Strengthening Resolve: Our journey doesn't shy away from the challenges LOPECO faced. From resource limitations to sustaining community engagement, the organization persevered. LOPECO's adaptability, innovation, and unwavering dedication have allowed them to rise above obstacles on their path to building a more peaceful society.

Join the Peacebuilding Journey: We invite you to join LOPECO on their peacebuilding journey. Whether through collaboration, participation in workshops, or simply spreading awareness, every contribution matters. Let's weave a tapestry of peace together.

Explore the documentary, dive into the impact data, and learn how LOPECO's story is reshaping communities and fostering positive change.

Let's build a world of peace, one pillar at a time.

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